Victoria Falls

The Victoria Falls – Now in it’s 150 millionth fantastic year - Reaches Its zenith in about May each year. It’s a truly awe-inspiring experience – the sight, the sound, the smell; the humbling feeling that here indeed is Nature’s Supreme Masterpiece. No photograph can begin to depict the reality…and nothing prepares you for your first sight.

The Victoria Falls presents a spectacular sight of awe-inspiring beauty and grandeur on the Zambezi River, forming the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe - the largest sheet of falling water in the world and significant worldwide for its exceptional geological and geomorphological features and active land formation processes with outstanding beauty attributed to the falls i.e. the spray, mist and rainbows.

David Livingstone, was the first European to see the Victoria Falls in 1855. The Scottish explorer, is believed to have been the first European to view the falls, and he named them Victoria Falls in honor of Queen Victoria.  Known locally as Mosi-Oa-Tunya or "the smoke that thunders" because of the spray made by the mass of water dropping 100 meters below in the gorges. 50 Years later, missionaries and traders settled in the small Zambian town of Livingstone and the railway bridge over the Zambezi was built.

Note: Foreigners has to obtain a Zimbabwe visa upon entry, which cost $50, and should be paid cash US$ at the port of entry, so no need to apply ahead of time.

Many other activities are also available at the Victoria falls!

Helicopter flips

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A helicopter flight over Victoria Falls will be one the most spectacular activities you will ever experience. View the majestic Victoria Falls from the sky. You will also have fantastic views upstream of the Zambezi River, and downstream of the Batoka Gorge.Choose from a 12-13 minute or 25 minute helicopter flight.

White Water rafting

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Victoria Falls White Water Rafting. The white water rafting below the Victoria Falls is commonly recognized as the best Grade 5 white water rafting in the World. Raft the biggest white water rapids in the World at Victoria Falls. Raft below the Victoria Falls along the mighty Zambezi River. The Zambezi River plummets 110 meters from the top of the Victoria Falls into the Batoka Gorge. This is where the fun begins. Enjoy an exhilarating day rafting the mighty Zambezi River as you negotiate the Grade 5 rapids along the way. Your professional river guides will steer you on an unforgettable journey through the formidable rapids of the mighty Zambezi.

The Zambezi River in the Batoka Gorge was first navigated in 1981 and over the years the Rapids were named – some fearsome in nature, others fearsome in name! 


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The Bridge Slide is exciting and mildly adventurous but friendly for all ages from six years and up. You can Bridge Slide either alone or with a friend. Beginning from a platform on the edge of the Zambian side of the Batoka Gorge, the zipline glides 300 meters over the rapids in the Batoka Gorge below affording incomparable views of the Victoria Falls before gently coming to rest on the Zimbabwean side of the bridge.

If you are looking for something even more adventurous why not try the bungee jump, bridge swing, or why not try all three with the Big Air Experience!



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A Victoria Falls sunset cruise on the Zambezi River is a must do activity when on safari in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Celebrate the setting African Sun as you cruise the Zambezi River in luxury. First you will cruise downstream towards the Victoria Falls. From here you will be able to see the spray of the Victoria Falls. You will then cruise upstream to catch the sun setting over the Zambezi River. Be sure not to miss the fantastic photo opportunities as a Victoria Falls sunset is one of the best you will ever witness.

The friendly staff will serve local beverages as well as snacks that have been prepared freshly on board the boat. After the Sunset Cruise we highly recommend that you enjoy a dinner at the Signature Lounge.


The Signature Lounge is located on the top deck of the Zambezi Explorer and is a fantastic place to enjoy dinner with uninterrupted views of the Zambezi River.


The Historic Victoria Falls Bridge Tour is a journey through 100 years of Victorian engineering to the heart of Cecil John Rhodes’ vision of a Cape to Cairo railway. The Victoria Falls Bridge was built in 1905 using revolutionary engineering methods for its day. The Victoria Falls Bridge Tour includes a light hearted but informative talk on the history of the bridge, magnificent views of the rapids, rainbows and majesty of the Victoria Falls and Batoka Gorges on the walkways actually underneath the bridge. You may even have an opportunity to see a bungee jump up close.


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The Historic Victoria Falls Bridge Tour is a wonderful family experience full of theatre, facts and adventure set against the glorious backdrop of the Victoria Falls which can be enjoyed by all ages.

The Victoria Falls Bridge is steeped in history. The Victoria Falls bridge tour includes a theatrical and entertaining presentation on the history of the Victoria Falls bridge and the men who built it back in 1904. The Victoria Falls Bridge Tour gives you a rare opportunity to walk on the catwalks beneath the Victoria Falls bridge, an area otherwise restricted to the public. This exclusive tour gives you a first-hand view of how the bridge was constructed as well as the breath-taking views of the Victoria Falls and the Mighty Zambezi River.

The Victoria Falls Bridge Tour guides are extremely knowledgeable, and happy to answer any questions pertaining to the bridge and the surrounding area’s while they guide you on your tour beneath the bridge. You may even be lucky enough to spot the famous ‘Full Circle Rainbows’ formed by the spray of the Victoria Falls


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On a Victoria Falls Village Tour you will be amazed as you enter a different world. Where a way of life continues as it has done for centuries, enabling you to go back in time. On a Victoria Falls Village Tour you will visit an authentic African village which is a 20 minute drive from Victoria Falls town. At the village you are given the opportunity to interact with the local villagers going about their daily tasks. The Victoria Falls village tour enables you to see rural life first hand. Visit rural homes and see people tending their fields and possibly getting the chance to help in some of the day-to-day chores.




Go in search of these highly endangered species on a Rhino Search Safari Victoria Falls. Search for Rhino on a specialized safari vehicle. The sheer magnitude of these magnificent animals will leave you awestruck! This interactive Rhino search safari will get you up close to these amazing mammals.

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The Rhino Search Safari takes place on the Stanley and Livingstone Private Game Reserve which is situated a convenient 10 minute drive fro Victoria Falls Town. The reserve is home to the Big Five. Guided by knowledgeable rangers you will go in search of the endangered Rhino and experience the sights, sounds and smells of Africa. The morning Rhino search safari concludes with a bush breakfast. The afternoon Rhino search safari is never complete without a stop with some snacks and drinks as you watch the sun set behind the Africa bush.


A Victoria Falls walking safari offers keener wildlife enthusiasts a great opportunity to leave the confines of the safari vehicle and experience the parks inhabitants at ground level.

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Your Victoria Falls walking safari takes place just a few minutes out of the town of Victoria Falls, in the Zambezi National Park. The Zambezi National Park is a 57 000 ha wilderness area that surrounds Victoria Falls. A wide variety of fauna and flora is found within this unfenced, genuinely wild park. A walking safari through the wilderness is one of the best ways to feel close to nature and to re-tune your senses.

Accompanied by an armed ranger, your Victoria Falls walking safari ventures further into the Zambezi National Park. This walk is combined with a game drive to a suitable walking area of the park. Whilst following in the footsteps of elephants, you are able to learn about a variety of aspects of the wildlife in the area, as the professional guides share their knowledge and experiences. The rangers will introduce you to the many mammals, birds, trees and plant life on the Reserve and in this particular area.


Lion Walks / encounter

Accompanied by professional guides, you will walk side by side with lions. This is an intimate experience. Learn about their habitat and behavior and the conservation challenges they face in the wild. You can experience close contact with the lions and photograph this memorable experience. Join one of the lion walks and don’t miss these incredible experiences that will provide you with memories for life.

You will be collected from your lodge or accommodation and transported to a private game reserve where the friendly hospitality team will have welcome refreshments ready for you. After this you will be shown a short film (7 mins) about the lion release program and related research, community and conservation projects. After a safety briefing, you’re ready to meet the lion cubs for their bush walk. At all times you’ll be accompanied by the experienced guides, handlers and scouts, allowing you the freedom to watch the lions play, hunt and enjoy their natural habitat. When the lions rest, as they sometimes like to – there may be time for a photo opportunity!

During the bush walk, please feel free to ask any questions about lions as a species, or the latest updates on the progress of the release program. The walk with lions Victoria Falls lasts approximately 45 mins to 1 hour.

You will also be provided with a breakfast (morning walks) or snacks (afternoon walks) and soft drinks.

Film footage of your Walk with lions in Victoria Falls will be shown after the walk. You can purchase a DVD and take with you. So please bring extra cash for this. Other merchandise supporting the release program is also available.


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Experience an elephant ride on one of these magnificent and intelligent animals. The herd of twelve elephants reside on the Stanley and Livingstone Private Game Reserve.

Each Elephant has formed a close bond with their personal Induna (elephant handler) who live permanently with the elephants and understand each elephant’s unique character and traits. Participate in a breakfast or sunset Elephant Ride and seize the opportunity to ride on these magnificent animals in their natural habitat.


You will learn about their life stories, behavior patterns and anatomy from the knowledgeable Indunas who accompany every safari.  After the 45 minute ride in the African bush, where abundant wildlife is often encountered, you will participate in a close-up interaction with your elephant during which time you will feed, touch and bond with your gentle giant.

A bush breakfast is served in the morning. Snacks and drinks are served on the afternoon elephant back ride. Personalized DVDs and photographs are taken of every trip and are made immediately available for viewing and purchase.

The minimum age is 4 years and all children need to be accompanied by an adult.

Chobe National Park day game drives

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A Chobe Day Trip is a unique opportunity to experience some of the best game viewing in Africa. If you are visiting Victoria Falls and do not have the time for a few nights in the Chobe, a Chobe Day Trip is certainly an experience that you should not miss out on. It really is worth visiting the Chobe for a day.

The Chobe National Park is host to the worlds largest elephant population at an estimated 50,000 elephants. It is famous for its large herds of elephants, buffalo’s and zebras. There are also huge prides of lions in the park. Chobe National Park is home to some of the most diverse species of animals in the world. Chobe is also known to have over 460 bird species, making it one of the world’s premier destinations for birdwatchers. The Chobe River is one of the only rivers in the World that flows in both directions. During the dry season the river flows East. But during the rainy season the flow of the Zambezi River pushes upstream to make the Chobe River flow West.

Bungee jumping

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Bungee Jump off the famous Victoria Falls Bridge. Experience 333 yards of free-fall and 4 seconds of pure adrenalin! If the sheer excitement of a bungee isn’t enough, this must be the most beautiful bungee on the planet. A spectacular backdrop of the epic Victoria Falls sets the scene. Move to the edge of the bridge, arms out and 5-4-3-2-1- BUNGEE. Leap off the bridge and plummet towards the rapids of the mighty Zambezi River and let the adrenaline flow. Bungee Jump Victoria Falls now.





Devil's poolS

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Visit Livingstone Island (also known as Devils Pool) and stand where the Scottish explorer David Livingstone first viewed the Victoria Falls. On Livingstone Island you can swim to the edge of the magnificent Victoria Falls. Sit in Devils Pool which is a natural rock pool on a ledge right at the edge of Victoria Falls.

Your trip to Livingstone Island starts at the deck of the Royal Livingstone Hotel in Livingstone, Zambia. Here you will meet your guides and be given an introduction of what to expect and a safety talk. From there you will take a short boat ride to Livingstone Island. The captain will navigate the rocky channels as you cruise within a close distance of the Victoria Falls. This is a great experience in itself.


Once you reach Livingstone Island you will be greeted by the friendly staff. You are then lead to the very edge of the Victoria Falls. This is the spot where David Livingstone first witnessed the Victoria Falls himself. From here you get to experience magnificent views of the Victoria Falls from a completely different perspective than the views from the rainforestIf it is a sunny day the rainbows are incredible.

Once you have viewed the Victoria Falls you have the opportunity to jump into Devils Pool. The guides will explain the route before giving you a safety briefing. The swim to Devils Pool Victoria Falls is not hard. You do not need to be a strong swimmer. There is a safety rope to assist you along the way. Once you reach the ledge you climb out onto a rocky outcrop close to the edge of the Falls. Devils Pool is a deep natural pool that has been created by thousands of years of erosion. Devils Pool has a natural rock ledge literally on the edge of the Falls. This creates a barrier where the water is only a few centimeters deep. This barrier allows you to safely jump into the pool without getting swept over the edge of the falls.

Lie on the rock ledge and look out over the Victoria Falls. With the flowing water rushing past just meters away. This is an incredible experience and one you will be talking about forever. Once you have had your fun in Devils Pool the guides will lead you back to Livingstone Island where you will be treated to either breakfast, lunch or snacks depending the the time of day.

Royal Livingstone Express steam train dinner

A trip on the steam train during your stay at Victoria Falls will transform you to a bygone era of luxury steam train travel. Go back in time and embark on a journey to the Victoria Falls Bridge in the comfort of stately carriages. The Steam Train departs from The Victoria Falls Station which is situated behind the Victoria Falls Hotel This is a fitting departure point as the Hotel was built in 1904 to accommodate the workers building the Cape to Cairo Railway Line and the Victoria Falls Bridge. The hotel building itself is actually still owned by the Zimbabwe Railways.

This luxurious steam train will travel to the Victoria Falls Bridge and then out to the Jafuta Siding, serving light snacks, followed by a gourmet meal and drinks. The Steam Train has partnered with the iconic Victoria Falls Hotel to provide this unique fine dining, safari experience.

The Steam Train offers the discerning guest the ultimate dinner experience, invoking the glorious age of steam and a view of the world-famous Victoria Falls at sunset. Followed by the rarity of a steam train safari through the African bush to Jafuta siding.

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The experience includes a four course gourmet dinner, prepared by the talented chefs of Victoria Falls Hotel. Drinks are included in the ticket price, with the exception of spirits and champagne.

After departure the Steam Train makes its way through the bush and towards the Victoria Falls Bridge. Once on the bridge you will be invited to step off the train and onto the Victoria Falls Bridge. From here you will be able to watch the sun set behind the Victoria falls before you make your way back to the station.

*Please note that the Victoria Falls Steam Train only departs on Tuesdays and Fridays.